Turistická destinace Jizerské hory nabízí kromě krásné a čisté přírody, také možnosti stále populárnější aktivní relaxace. Díky ideálním podmínkám se celá oblast těší stále zvyšující se oblibě, jak obyvatel z České Republiky, tak i zahraničních návštěvníků.
do 50km, Liberecký kraj, Český ráj, atd…
Pro letní dovolenou v Jizerských horách pak inspirací mohou být přehrady, hrady a rozhledny nalézající se po celém širokém okolí.

Město Jablonec nad Nisou a jeho okolí navíc nabízí nepřeberné množství historických památek souvisejících se sklářskou historií města a výrobou bižuterie.

Tips for excursions within a 50 km radius

Here you can find several tips for pleasantly spending your free time in the vicinity of our hotel. Lovers of historical monuments and the natural beauty of our republic will come into their own at any time of year and in any weather. We hope that this brief summary will entice you to northern Bohemia and especially to our hotel, where we will prepare rest and relaxation for you at the end of the day in the form of massages and a sauna. You can find out more about excursions at the reception of our hotel, where we will be happy to tell you more than we could fit into this summary.

Liberec (21 km)

A statutory city in northern Bohemia and the regional municipality of the Liberec region. It has over 100 thousand inhabitants and is the fifth largest city in the Czech Republic. ZOO Liberec is the oldest zoo in the Czech Republic and is mainly known for its white tigers, which dominate the whole zoo, and which also give their good name to the local hockey team HC Bílí Tygři Liberec. Nearby is a botanical garden, which is also the oldest in the country and has a collection of tropical plants. Other places worth visiting include IQLANDIA, the Technical Museum and Babylon Center Liberec, where an aquapark and an entertainment, social and hotel complex are located. For shopping in the city, you can either visit the NISA Liberec shopping center, which is the largest commercial, cultural and social center to the north of Prague, or in the center of the city is the Forum Liberec shopping center. Ještěd is the dominant feature of the whole city and is located at an elevation of 1012 m above sea level. At its peak is a well-known television transmitter, which has a hotel and a restaurant located at its base. Ještěd can be accessed by cable car, and there is a ski resort on the slopes. You can reach Liberec from Hotel Rehavital by bus, train or you can use the tram, which provides a very unique connection between two cities in the Czech Republic.

Museum of Jára Cimrman (19 km)

Located at U Čápa in the village of Příchovice. While the museum was under construction, a team of “cimrmanologists” led by Zdeněk Svěrák prepared a hitherto unprecedented exhibition documenting the period and the work of the most famous native of Liptákov. Children will be particularly enchanted by the fairytale forest park, where they will find giant stones, whose arrangement will help them guess the names of the fairytales. Part of the new exhibition is Cimrman’s so-called mobile cell, in which prisoners can bask. Příchovice can be reached from Hotel Rehavital by bus.

Harrachov (29 km)

A town and important mountain resort in the Krkonoše Mountains. It lies below Čertova hora in the valley of the Mumlava River and falls under the administration of the Liberec Region. Tourism began to develop very rapidly in this town after the revolution. A huge number of new accommodation and catering facilities of all kinds have been built and opened here. The glass museum, the microbrewery with a restaurant and the hotel with a beer spa can all be seen within a single visit to the Novosad glassworks. After 1980, the ski jumping and cross-country skiing area was reconstructed, with the highest ski bridge - mammoth bridge - being built. In the 1990s, the cable car to Čertova hora was reconstructed. The cable car offers 130 seats for four people and a 1303-meter-long ride, which takes 8.7 minutes. Harrachov is accessible to visitors of our hotel by bus or train. If you want to really enjoy a trip to Harrachov, a great choice is to use the Tanvald-Desná-Kořenov-Harrachov rack railway. It is one of the last normal track gauge rack railways in Europe and the steepest railway in the Czech Republic.

Bozkov Dolomite Caves (22.6 km)

These caves are located 1 km to north of the village of Bozkov in the Liberec Region and are the only caves in the north of the Czech Republic. Thanks to their rich adornment, however, they have no problem attracting lovers of underground kingdoms from much further afar. The largest underground lake in Bohemia is also located there. Due to their uniqueness, these caves were declared a National Natural Monument. The best form of transport from our hotel is by train.

Pěnčín Excursion Area (27 km)

It offers both children and adults many interesting things to see. Visitors can watch the production of glass beads, visit a goat farm, ride a sightseeing train to the nearby Černá Studnice lookout tower, enjoy goat cheese or meat specialties in the restaurant, or buy glass beads, jewelry or goat cheeses and other products made from goat’s milk. The area also includes an agricultural museum, where an exhibition of agricultural machinery is prepared for visitors.

Sychrov Chateau (19 km)

Sychov Chateau can be found in the village of the same name in the Liberec Region. It is a state-owned chateau, which has been open to the public since 1950. The chateau complex is a unique example of a Neo-Gothic aristocratic residence from the second half of the 19th century. In addition to the chateau building with its original furniture, there is also a large chateau park. Since 1995, the chateau has been a national cultural monument.

Pro sportovně zaměřené návštěvníky jsou Jizerské hory ideální destinace. Kvalitní infrastruktura a vysoká úroveň sportovního zázemí je jistotou skvělého sportovního zážitku.

V zímním období nabízejí střediska Tanvaldský Špičák, Severák a Bedřichov celkem 17,6 km sjezdových tratí různých úrovní, 21 vleků, 1 lanovou dráhu, to vše včetně skvělého zázemí služeb.(www.skijizerky.cz.)


Although the Liberec region has an average number of lookout towers, it is generally considered as a traditional lookout area among the regions of the Czech Republic. This is mainly due to the uniqueness of its lookout towers, which are mostly made of stone, well-built, and unmatched in the Czech Republic.

Liberecká výšina

This unusual building was built between 1900 and 1901 at the impetus of Heinrich Liebieg, as a place of rest and refreshment and also as a lookout tower.

Drábské světničky

The former rock fortress of Drábské světničky rises from the edge of the rock massif near the basalt hill called Vrch Mužský not far from Mnichovo Hradiště. In addition to the ruins of a medieval castle, you can admire the beautiful views of the Pojizeří microregion.

Černá Studnice lookout tower

At Smržovka, not far from Jablonec nad Nisou, there stands a 26-m high granite lookout tower, which was built between 1904 and 1905 by the German Mountain Association based on plans of the well-known architect R. Hemmrich. There is also a tourist cabin. From the top of the lookout tower there is a beautiful view not only of Smržovka, Jablonec and Ještěd, but also of the far off Krkonoše Mountains or Český ráj.

Kozákov lookout tower

Located 744 m above sea level, Kozákov is the highest mountain in Český ráj. The Rieger tourist cabin has been located at its peak since 1928, and since 1993 there has been a metal tower, whose viewing gallery at a height of 24 meters serves as a lookout.

Štěpánka lookout tower

This slim octagonal-shaped Neo-Gothic stone lookout tower is often referred to as the Queen of the Jizera Mountains. The lookout tower is 20 m high, with a circular view from its top of the Czech and Polish Jizera Mountains and the Krkonoše Mountains.

Smrk lookout tower

This lookout tower has been located on the highest peak of the Czech part of the Jizera Mountains, Smrk, at a height of 1,124 m above sea level, since 1892. Visitors to the lookout tower are treated to an unusual circular view of the Krkonoše Mountains, the Jizera Mountains, the Lusatian Mountains and as far as Saxony and Poland.


This 21-meter-high stone tower was built in 1912 based on the design of the Jablonec architect Hemmrich. There are eight marked trails that lead to the peak of Bramberk, which offer many possibilities for combining hiking trips.

Císařský kámen lookout tower

This wooden lookout tower is located at Císařský kámen near Rádl (part of Jablonec nad Nisou). The lookout tower is a wooden structure complete with steel connections and poles. Located at a height of 637 m, the building measures 20 m, and the height of the observation deck is 18.8 m. From the observation deck you can see the southern slopes of the Jizera Mountains, the western part of the Krkonoše Mountains, the towns of Jablonec nad Nisou and Liberec, as well as Ještěd ridge. A small snack bar is located about 500 m from the lookout tower in Milíř, towards the village of Rádlo, which offers refreshments, a children’s play area, and is primarily frequented by cyclists. In the village of Rádlo there is also a water reservoir with the possibility of swimming at your own risk.
* along the green trail from the Rochlice district of Liberec (approx. 6 km)
* along the green trail from Jeřmanice (approx. 2 km)
* along the red trail from Rádlo (approx. 2 km)
* along the red trail from Proseč nad Nisou (approx. 2 km)
* along the yellow trail from Vratislavice nad Nisou (approx. 4.5 km)


Kopanina (657 m above sea level) was one of the first observation towers built by the Czech Tourist Club. Kopanina Hill and the lookout tower on it are popular destinations of visitors to Maloskalsko, who can combine their visit with a tour of the castle ruins of Frýdštějn or Vranov (Pantheon).


Nisanka lookout tower in Nová Ves nad Nisou is a lookout tower combined with a telecommunication tower. It was built between 2005 and 2006 and was opened in the spring of 2007 by Nová Ves patriots. The lookout tower is made up of a steel tube wrapped in a staircase with a cylindrical structure only surrounding the observation tower in the ground floor parts. The lookout tower is situated at 676 m above sea level and offers a nice view of a large part of the Jizera Mountains. The lookout tower can be reached from the bus stop in Lučany nad Nisou by following the red trail towards Jablonec nad Nisou and then by following the green trail towards Nisa spring (about a 10-minute walk). There is also a cycling trail to Nisa spring.

Tanvaldský Špičák

This stone lookout tower on Tanvaldský Špičák was built in 1909. From its top there is a circular view of the Jizera Mountains and Czech and Polish parts of the Krkonoše Mountains. The lookout tower is 18 m high, and the observation platform is located at a height of 14 meters. There are 69 steps leading to it. The reward for ascending the steps is a magnificent circular view across the Jizera Mountains, through the Krkonoše Mountains and Černá studnice up to Ještěd ridge. You can comfortably reach the top of the lookout tower by chair lift from the village of Jiřetín pod Bukovkou. The top station of the chair lift is located directly next to the lookout tower. A green tourist trail also leads from Jiřetín to the top. You can reach Špičák on foot along the marked tourist trails from Tanvald, Dolní Smržovka, Albrechtice or Jiřetín pod Bukovou.


The observation rock on the slope of the hill named Muchov has been developed into a brick observation point with a staircase. Terezínka is easily accessible from Tanvald on the red marked hiking trail. From Hotel Rehavital you can reach the nearby town of Tanvald by train or bus.

V Liberci je nejstarší zoo v České republice a je známa především díky bílým tygrům, kteří dominují celé zoo a dobré jméno jim dělá i místní hokejový tým HC Bílý Tygři Liberec. Za návštěvu rozhodně stojí i IQLANDIA, Technické muzeum nebo Centrum Babylon.

Český ráj – a paradise for hiking and cycle tourism

The romantic region of Český ráj is located to the northeast of Prague. Český ráj combines rich natural beauty with numerous historical monuments, which are mainly castles, chateaus and folk architecture. Notable places that are worth the visit and not only with children include e.g. the rock towns in Prachovské skály, Klokočské skály, castle ruins (Trosky, Frýdštejn, Valečov etc.), chateaus (Mnichovo Hradiště, Hrubý Rohozec, Humprecht ..) and castles (Kost, Wallenstein and others).

From Hrubá Skála to Valdštejn Castle with a pushchair

Route of the excursion: from Hrubá Skála to Valdštejn Castle and back
Total length of the route: 6 km
Terrain: slightly hilly
Suitable for pushchairs: sports off-road type
Suitable for bumpers and ride-ons: yes

Vranov - Pantheon, the largest rock castle in the Czech Republic

Route of the excursion: from the information center at Malá Skála to the Zahrádka rocky observation point and Vranov rock castle (Pantheon)
Total length of the route: 1.5 km
Terrain: hilly
Suitable for pushchairs: no
Suitable for balance bikes and ride-ons: no

Riegrová and Kamenická trail in Semily

Route of the excursion: circuit from Bítouchov near Semily along the Riegrová and Kamenická trail
Total length of the route: 9 km
Terrain: hilly
Suitable for pushchairs: no
Suitable for balance bikes and ride-ons: no

Circuit through Prachovské skály

Route of the excursion: circuit through the outlook points at Prachovské skály, beginning at the tourist cabin
Total length of the route: main circuit approx. 5 km (can be lengthened or shortened)
Terrain: slightly hilly
Suitable for pushchairs: no
Suitable for balance bikes and ride-ons: no

Circuit through Klokočské skály with a visit of Rotštejn rock castle

Route of the excursion: circuit from Klokočí through Rotštejn Castle and Klokočské skály
Total length of the route: 2 km
Terrain: slightly hilly
Suitable for pushchairs: no
Suitable for balance bikes and ride-ons: no

Ruins of Trosky Castle - symbol of Český ráj

Route of the excursion: from the car park to the ruins of Trosky Castle, views of the wider surroundings
Total length of the route: 1 km
Terrain: hilly
Suitable for pushchairs: yes (from the car park to the castle, demanding climb)
Suitable for balance bikes and ride-ons: no

Circuit from Sedmihorky through Valdštejn Castle and Hruboskalské rock town

Route of the excursion: circuit from Sedmihorky through Valdštejn Castle (tour of the castle is possible) and Hruboskalské rock town back to Sedmihorky
Total length of the route: 8 km
Terrain: slightly to moderately hilly
Suitable for pushchairs: no
Suitable for balance bikes and ride-ons

Through Plakánek Valley to Kost Castle

Route of the excursion: from Střehom through Plakánek Valley to Kost Castle and back
Total length of the route: 6 km
Terrain: flat
Suitable for pushchairs: sports off-road type
Suitable for balance bikes and ride-ons

From Malá Skála to Zbirohy

Route of the excursion: from Malá Skála to the ruins of Zbirohy Castle and back
Total length of the route: 10 km
Terrain: hilly
Suitable for pushchairs: sports off-road type (more demanding)
Suitable for balance bikes and ride-ons: suitable for balance bikes in places