About us

Our hotel’s exclusive location at the very heart of Jablonec places the Jizera Mountains and the surrounding region in the palm of your hand.

You can taste the wide variety of flavours our region has to offer at our famous regional breakfasts. The unique aroma of the local countryside wafts through our corridors, but is mainly present in our wellness centre, which offers a place to relax for everyone. Those of you who like to taste the local flavours will appreciate our nook full of local products. A sample of Jizera culture to take back home with you.

Let us pamper you while enjoying the beauties of the Jizera Mountains. We know they’ll win you over just like they did to us. Mossy paths, peaty streams and fruit from local trees will appeal even to the city dwellers who prefer acclaimed cafés and restaurants. Of which there are many right around our hotel.

Our Mission:

We’re more than just accommodation. We’ll show you the region through all five senses.

Our Vision:

To offer each guest the best of our region, day by day. The Jizera Mountains – their magic, their mysteries – will be more than just part of the trip, you’ll be taking a piece of our mountains back home in your heart.

The Jizera Mountains will guide you through the hotel, you’ll meet them in your rooms, taste them for breakfast, feel them in our wellness spa and touch them in our regional goods.

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